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Visit planet LUSH this holiday season for the best Christmas in the universe.

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Your portal to otherworldly adventures

Barbie x Lush

Pink is powerful and the limited-edition Barbie™ x Lush Collection celebrates the colour in all its glory.

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Giving is at the heart of our business

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Barbie™ x Lush

Pink is powerful

Fighting Animal Testing!

Lush products are 100 percent cruelty-free!

New Arrivals

Coral Planting Campaign 2023

On the 14th October 2023, LUSH Malaysia flew over Gaya Island, Malohom Bay, Sabah for our annual Coral Planting Campaign, in collaboration with Marine Ecology Research Centre (MERC).

Bring It Back Packaging Recycling Scheme Terms & Conditions (2023)

Lush’s most iconic shower gel invented by an 11 year old launches a month early this year

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