Violet and clove scented


Bubble Bar

Each MYR30.00

Sink into the lilac-hued waters of this floral classic. Posies of violet and spicy clove fragrance and soften your skin. The Ancient Greeks used violets in love potions and considered it a symbol of fertility and love - why not be seduced by this sweet, purple bath? 

You’ll love this if you like:

- Swirly purple-hued baths that smell like violet flavoured sweets.

- The scent of Daddy-O shampoo, Sugar Daddy-O solid conditioner, or Kerbside Violet perfume.

- Taking time to appreciate the small, fleeting moments in life.


- Violet leaf has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects on the skin.

- The scent of violets help to settle your mood and mind, aiding restful sleep.

- Ylang ylang oil helps to reassure and uplift, leaving you feeling happy and carefree.

How to use:

Crumble under running water to fill your bath with purple rain and fluffy white bubbles.

How to store:

Keep in a cool, dry place to keep this potent bubble bar ultra-violet.

Ingredients :

Sodium Bicarbonate Cream of Tartar Sodium Laureth Sulfate Lauryl Betaine Perfume Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone Violet Leaf Absolute Rose Absolute Jasmine Absolute Ylang Ylang Oil Bergamot Oil Clove Bud Oil Titanium Dioxide Synthetic Fluorphlogopite Tin Oxide *Eugenol *Limonene *Linalool Colour 77491 Colour 19140:1 Colour 42090:2 Colour 60725 Colour 14700 Colour 17200 Colour 45410:1

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

Product Code: Bathos - Bubble Bar    

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