Creamy, softening sweetness


Bubble Bar

Each MYR45.00

When only the most comforting baths will do, climb into this softening bath of sunshine yellow and creme bruleé scented foam. So good you’ll want to split it with someone special.

You’ll love this if you like:

- Bathing in a creamy popcorn bubble mountain.

- Let The Good Times Roll cleanser, Honey I Washed The Kids soap or Sympathy for the Skin body lotion.

- An extra softening soak thanks to ingredients like fresh banana, Fair Trade organic cocoa butter and organic shea butter.


- Oatmeal is soothing and anti-inflammatory on the skin.

- Fresh banana is helps to provide long-lasting moisture.

How to use:

Crumble a lillte, a lot, or the whole thing under running water to create a mound of moisturising bubbles and let the foam send you bananas.

How to store:

To keep this bar at it’s most a-peeling, store it in a cool, dry place.

Ingredients :

Sodium Bicarbonate Cream of Tartar Sodium Laureth Sulfate Lauryl Betaine Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter Perfume Whole Oats Rice Starch Fresh Banana Fine Oatmeal Wheatgerm oil Australian Almond Oil Organic Shea Butter Cornstarch Citric Acid Titanium Dioxide Gardenia Extract PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate Colour 19140:1 Colour 19140

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

Product Code: Nana - Bubble Bar    

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