Conditioning, spicy sweetness

Figs In Honey

Bubble Bar

Each MYR60.00

This fruity number is ripe for the picking, so drop your fig leaf and sink under these balmy bubbles. Benzoin resinoid brings a balsamic sweetness to this rich and conditioning bubble bar, while myrrh adds a spiced undertone. A deeply moisturising cocoa butter centre melts with the warmth of the water, filling your bath with dessert-like creaminess.

You’ll love this if you like:

- Mouthwateringly juicy scents.

- Plum Rain body spray, Respect Your Elders soap, or Plum Rain shower gel.

- Indulging in luxurious treats.


- Warming benzoin resinoid will ease aching muscles after a strenuous day.

- Richly moisturising, the Fair Trade shea butter in this bubble bar is sourced from a women’s cooperative in Ghana and produced using traditional methods.

- If you give a fig about the planet, choose this naked bubble bath over the bottled kind to save on plastic.

How to use:

Break this opulent fig in half and crumble under the running water for a bath bursting with bubbles. Keep the second half somewhere safe, until you’re ready to indulge again.

How to store:

Keep this purple fruit somewhere cool and dry to prevent it becoming over ripe.

Ingredients :

Sodium Bicarbonate Cream of Tartar Sodium Laureth Sulfate Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter Lauryl Betaine Perfume Benzoin Resinoid Myrrh Resinoid Fair Trade Shea Butter Titanium Dioxide Laureth 4 Synthetic Fluorphlogopite Tin Oxide *Limonene Colour 42090:2 Colour 45430:1 Colour 17200 Colour 42090 Colour 77491

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

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