Zingy citrus with almond


Bubble Bar

Each MYR40.00

Take a shot and reach for this star next time you need a sherbety citrus boost that will send you soaring into the stratosphere. Grapefruit, bergamot and almond oils collide in a cosmos of uplifting fragrance.

You’ll love this if you like:

- Zingy sherbet citrus scents with a warm hint of almond.

- The Comforter bath bomb, Plum Rain shower gel or Argan Dragon shower oil.

- Gazing up at the stars and bathing in a Milky Way of bubbles.


- Grapefruit oil adds a fresh and fruity hit of uplifting fragrance, sure to boost your mood into the cosmos.

- A member of the citrus family, bergamot oil adds a cheery ray of sunshine to invigorate and enliven your bathing experience.

- Almond essential oil gives a touch of warm, sweet comfort.

How to use:

Swipe the star from the sky and crumble under running water to create clouds of cosmic bubbles.

How to store:

Keep somewhere cool and dry, ready to unleash a starshower of bubbles in your bath.

Ingredients :

Sodium Bicarbonate Cream of Tartar Sodium Laureth Sulfate Lauryl Betaine Perfume Grapefruit Oil Bergamot Oil Almond Essential Oil White Sugar Crystals Titanium Dioxide Cornstarch Synthetic Fluorphlogopite Calcium Sodium Borosilicate Tin Oxide Silica DRF Alcohol Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone *Limonene *Linalool Colour 17200 Colour 47005:1 Colour 42090 Colour 77491

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

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