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Lush scented candles to transform your home this Christmas

You can drop the dupes – there’s no substitute for the original!

  • 100% vegan and handmade in the UK using a natural wax base
  • All Lush candles are palm-free, GM-free and soy-free 
  • Hand poured into a 100% recyclable frosted glass jar
  • Candle dimensions: 70mm diameter x 45mm height (burn time: 12 – 15 hours)
  • Snow Fairy 4-wick candle dimensions: 125mm diameter x 70mm height (burn time: 35 – 40 hours)

There are over 1600 Google searches for “Lush candles” every month. For many years, Lush customers have been asking in Lush shops and online – why don’t Lush make candles? Following high demand, Lush now has a range of handmade candles including new limited edition candles for Christmas 2022. 

Inspired by their most popular fragrances and made with ethically sourced and high quality essential oils, Lush candles will transform the mood of your room to help you feel calm and relaxed. All Lush candles are handmade in the UK by a family run manufacturer specialising in candles and diffusers for some of the largest candle brands in the market. 

The natural wax base of all Lush candles is made up of rapeseed wax, certified organic coconut oil, coconut wax, and castor wax and remains palm, paraffin, soy-free, and 100% vegan. Each candle is carefully poured by hand into a 100% recyclable frosted glass jar. The candle wicks are made by a specialist using cotton only from sources carrying the Oeko-Tex 100 Standard seal.

“At Lush, we believe in long candlelit baths so we wanted to create the perfect candle to accompany your bath time. It was an exciting process to modify the Lush fragrance from perfume and bath bombs to candles”
– Gary Shears, Lush Product Inventor

Snow Fairy Scented Candle

Lush devotees celebrate its return every year and, with its iconic bubblegum and candyfloss pink scent, Snow Fairy is one of the brand’s best selling product ranges. Fill your immediate surroundings with Lush’s iconic sweet scent to lift your spirits and fill you with confidence. The Snow Fairy candle is also available as a 4-wick candle. 

Price: RM95
Approximate burn time: 12 – 15 hours
Dimensions: 70mm diameter x 45mm height

Shop Snow Fairy Candle

4-wick Candle Price: RM200
Approx. burn time: 35 – 40 hours
Dimensions: 125mm diameter x 70mm height

Shop Snow Fairy 4 Wick Candle

Lord Of Misrule Scented Candle

Perfect for scenting a small area, this vegan Lush candle is now available in the classic Lord of Misrule fragrance. Celebrate the change in seasons with familiar notes of mischievous black pepper, earthy patchouli and sweet vanilla. A classic Lush perfume and fan favourite, this year’s Lord of Misrule range is bigger than ever. 

Price: RM95
Approximate burn time: 12 – 15 hours
Dimensions: 70mm diameter x 45mm height

Shop Lord Of Misrule Candle

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Coral Reef Restoration Project Updates

Coralku Malaysia, our grantor for Charity Pot, has been on Lang Tengah Island for the past weeks to give us an update on the current growth of the corals that our Lush Malaysia divers have planted onto the coral frames at the Karang Nibong Reef during the Coral Planting Campaign back in March 2022.

According to Sebastian Szereday, the founder of Coralku, the current survival rates of the corals are at 80%. Some of the species are showing good results, but unfortunately some are not surviving due to the species showing rather low heat tolerance, so they are unfit for future heatwaves and climate change. They have started their Super Coral Project during the dive in hopes to continue their search for Super Corals that might have survived.

What are Super Corals?

Super corals are those that have demonstrated the ability to tolerate or recover from stress and successfully reproduce after a stressor, such as climate change.

Why is the Super Coral Project important?

Climate change impacts on coral reefs are severe, widespread and dynamic. Coralku team are looking to understand the highly variable response of reef corals to climate change and are intending to find Malaysia’s super corals, in order to optimize coral restoration techniques to future environmental conditions.

The corals that were attached on Frame 96 are showing a good growing sign. The corals are generally in good condition and now firmly attached to the frames.

Want to adopt a coral with Coralku? Click here.
Check out what we did during our Coral Planting Campaign here!

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Beach Clean Up Campaign in East Malaysia

1768kg of Trash Gathered & Cleared From Dalit Tuaran Beach in Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, 2nd August 2022, – Lush Malaysia flew to Kota Kinabalu and collaborated with Shangri-La Rasa Ria to extend the Beach Clean Up Campaign to East Malaysia after having done successful events in Kuantan and Penang. What began as a small company initiative has grown into a bigger objective in achieving cleaner and healthier
coasts across the country and at the same time highlighting the importance of decontaminating our environment for a better future.

In 2018, Malaysia ranked number 1 in Asia for plastic consumption leaving 5 neighbouring countries far behind. An average Malaysian contributes to 16.78kg of plastic on a yearly basis. Our beaches are not foreign to plastic trashing and we must begin taking proactive efforts to compensate for many years of ignorance about the effects of plastic disposals towards our oceans and marine life.

An accumulated amount of 1768kg of trash including plastic beverage bottles, cigarette butts, and plastic pieces were collected during the clean-up. This equated to about 48kg of trash per person which is heavier than the average amount collected during this type of event. The Beach Clean Up activity was coordinated by Lush in collaboration with
Shangri-La and participated by several influencers and media including Ramona Zamzam, Jayce (Muachi) Tan, Alisha (beauty editor from Harper’s Bazaar) and Julia (beauty editor from Glam) as well as hotel guest volunteers. The 1 hour activity also involved discovering unusual items dumped along the beach including detergent bottles, computer casings, shoes and many others. All of which could have been recycled and disposed of properly but instead wind up on our beaches and in the ocean threatening our corals and marine life. We believe in a collaborative effort from everyone in reducing wastes and taking care of our beaches and oceans. The bottom line is us. Whether we mean to litter or not, there’s always a chance the plastic we throw away could make it into the sea. Big changes start with small steps, we all have the power to make a change. Start with reducing plastic usage.

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Bring It Back Packaging Recycling Scheme Terms & Conditions

This simple recycling scheme entitles Lush customers in Malaysia to exchange any individual Qualifying Lush Packaging item for RM0.50 cents towards their in-store purchase at the same time.

This scheme is subject to the terms below.

1. Firstly, check that your packaging is eligible for the scheme. This scheme applies to the following full sized Qualifying Lush Packaging items:

  • PET clear plastic bottles (with lids)
  • PP pots clear & black (with lids)
  • PP Makeup packaging
  • HDPE bottles (with trigger/spray tops)

(referred to as “Qualifying Packaging”).

2. The following items are excluded from the scheme and are not Qualifying Packaging:

  • Any non-Lush packaging of any material
  • Non-plastic Lush packaging (i.e. glass jars or tins – please reuse these items where possible or recycle locally) 
  • Sample pots (we will still accept these back for recycling)

3. The scheme will apply only to Qualifying Packaging originally purchased from a Lush store or the official Lush website, and Lush store staff shall have sole discretion in determining whether any packaging qualifies under this scheme.

4. Qualifying Packaging should be empty and thoroughly cleaned before returning to a Lush store.

5. Once you have one or more Qualifying Packaging empties and they are sparkling clean, you are ready to shop! Take them along to any Lush store in Malaysia and present them at the point of paying for any items you wish to purchase.

6. This is an in-store scheme only. There is currently no equivalent for online sales.

7. For each item of Qualifying Packaging, you’ll receive a RM0.50p/c return towards your purchase of any qualifying full price product.

8. The following products are excluded from this scheme and may not be purchased with packaging returns money:

  • Lush Charity Pot (we wouldn’t want to deprive the charities, even for a cause as good as recycling);
  • Any campaign products raising funds for charities or non-profit organisations;
  • Sale items; 
  • Lush paper carrier bags;
  • Make-up brushes.

9. This offer has no cash value and you will only be able to receive the RM0.50p/c return towards purchases made at the same time the Qualifying Packaging is returned. No credit will be offered against future purchases.

10. If the value of the returned Qualifying Packaging under this scheme exceeds the value of the purchase, no cash equivalent or future credit will be given.

11. You have the choice of whether to receive the RM0.50p/c return under the Bring It Back scheme or Bring five of our empty black or clear pots, and we’ll give you a free fresh face mask. It is not possible to receive both rewards for the same packaging return.

12. Lush reserves the right to withdraw or amend this scheme at any time on a month’s notice, such notice is to be given on this page.

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Charity Pot Funding Guidelines

What is a ‘Charity Pot’ grant?

‘Charity Pot’ is a Lush hand and body cream where 100% of all sales (minus local taxes) are distributed as grants, to groups working in the areas of:

  • Animal Protection
  • Environment     
  • Human Rights (incl. social justice, peace & equality)

Charity Pot grants range from RM500 up to a maximum of RM15,000 per project/application.  The average Charity Pot grant is between RM2,000 – RM7,000.  It is unusual to award the maximum of RM15,000, as this reduces the range of projects that can be supported.

What is funded?

Charity Pot grants provide targeted funding to small, grassroots groups.  Not just because they are often best placed to make a real difference with limited resources; but also, because they often struggle to find funding.  Almost all the groups funded by Charity Pot have an annual income of less than RM250,000 (most are substantially less) and run entirely or predominantly by volunteers. 

Charity Pot grants prioritise projects that aim to create long-term change – because it’s crucially important to fund projects that aim to prevent and address the root cause of the problem.  That’s why, for example, priority would be given to a project that aims to stop deforestation over one that aims to plant trees to restore an area that’s already deforested. 

Charity Pot grants will support ‘non-violent direct action’ groups, i.e. those which have no intention of physically harming others or threatening to do so.  This includes protests, demonstrations, non-cooperation, non-violent interventions, or, occasionally, facilitating (e.g. communication costs) peaceful civil disobedience; because Lush recognise that these non-violent actions can play an important part in bringing about social change.  However, although free speech is a core Charity Pot value; groups or projects that support, incite or promote violence, aggression or oppression towards others would not be funded.  Charity Pot grants do not fund or facilitate law-breaking activities/movements.

Charity Pot grants also recognise that there is an absolute need for delivering basic life needs and care to those in need (people, animals or the planet).  So, projects that provide aid and support, such as animal shelters and refugee support and advice groups, have also been funded.  However, those groups providing welfare that reaches beyond basic life needs, such as therapies, community social groups, and counselling, would not be prioritised.

Charity Pot grants do not fund animal farming projects, culling for conservation, the captivity of wild animals (incl. captive breeding programs), or overseas rehoming of animals.  However, Charity Pot grants have funded vegan, vegetarian and animal rights campaigning, anti-vivisection groups, TNR projects, wildlife sanctuaries that home animals no longer able to be released, and animal sanctuaries with a no-destruction policy and where the animals are not ‘used’ (e.g. in animal assisted therapies, being ridden, or as part of a petting zoo etc).  We will therefore only fund food costs where these are vegetarian/vegan. 

Environmental responsibility is central to Lush Malaysia, so Charity Pot grants only fund printed materials where recycled resources are used unless there is a justifiable reason that prevents it (e.g. availability in certain countries is limited).   Similarly, flights aren’t funded, however, alternative travel costs would be considered.   Charity Pot grants do not support market-based solutions to climate change, such as carbon trading, carbon offsetting, clean development mechanism or Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD).  Similarly, Charity Pot funding is not offered for social enterprises, growing projects or reforesting, however, projects working in this area might like to explore the Lush Spring Prize as an alternative.

Significant asset purchases (e.g. land) would generally not be considered, and applications for legal challenges, are only very occasionally successful.  If applying for a legal challenge you will be required to demonstrate the national importance of the case and provide evidence of a favourable barrister’s opinion.  

It is rare for film projects, theatrical productions or arts-based projects to be funded.  This is because we favour campaigning.  If you wish to apply for an arts-based project, it must be campaigning-focussed and demonstrate it will actively engage the audience’s participation in campaigns within the sectors we fund.  If successful, this would be a donation, and not an investment, and the production would need to be not-for-profit. 

Similarly, events and parades would only be considered where there is a clear campaigning goal, and, as Charity Pot grants are prioritised to projects in most need of funding, large attendance events, which have a greater audience and funding opportunity, would be less of a priority. 

Funding is also not available for student expeditions, schools, councils, volunteer-tourism projects, academic studies, sponsored activities (e.g. walks, runs, challenges etc), fundraising initiatives, or event sponsorship (Lush Malaysia has a policy against paid advertising).  

Charity Pot grants are generally directed towards campaigning project costs; however, core costs are occasionally considered where a detailed budget and explanation is provided.  However, salary costs would not be funded as Charity Pot funds are targeted to support underfunded voluntary groups and could not sustain the large-scale costs of campaigning salaries, and it would not be fair to fund some and not others.

Who can apply?

Charity Pot grants are looking for organisations that take on issues that others don’t, those that push the boundaries and challenge the mainstream opinion. 

To apply, your organisation should have annual income of less than RM250,000 and be run entirely or predominantly by volunteers.   

Charity Pot grants do not fund individuals, only organisations and groups.   Your organisation does not need to be a registered charity, Charity Pot grants support all kinds of organisations, including new organisations and start-ups.  However, your organisation should be not-for-profit.  Applications from non-secular, religious or military organisations are not accepted. 

Charity Pot grants prioritises those projects/organisations that best match the Lush values and ethics.  This means applications are NOT accepted from organisations that:

  • Deny the human rights of others
  • Are involved in cruelty/subjugation of animals (incl. farming, testing or research)
  • Coerces or forces others to change their beliefs or proselytizes
  • Harbour racism or prejudice
  • Prevents or impedes the free-speech of others 
  • Judge others on anything other than their actions
  • Have not made every effort to be environmentally responsible
  • Promote/support violence, aggression or oppression towards others (we will only support direct action groups if they are non-violent)

Charity Pot grants try to direct funding towards causes that are often overlooked by other funders.  This means less popular issues, which are more difficult to raise funds for, are likely to be prioritised over an organisation that has, for example, many supporters, corporate sponsors, or has sufficient profile to be able to secure mainstream funding such as government grants.  Typical popular causes tend to be health charities (medical research, hospices etc.), social welfare, religious causes, children/ young people and military-related causes, so that normally make these less of a priority for a Charity Pot grant.

What do I need?

Organisation Details

You will need to tell us a bit about your organisation.  Some basic information, such as the organisations’ name, address, and charitable status etc., as well as some detailed information, such as your total annual income and expenses, if you have staff, how many do you have, and your organisations’ background and mission statement.  If you are a new organisation, you should provide a background for the main individuals in the organisation. 

Project Details

Think carefully about what you are planning, as you will need to submit a clear, focused and well-defined project plan.  You will need to know how much funding you need, and when you need it by, and whether you could accept a partial award, if we were unable to fund the full amount.  You will also need to tell us what you want to do, why you think it’s needed, where and when your project is going to take place, and who or what your project benefits, and to think about what other organisations you might be overlapping with or working alongside.  You can also include any web address links to any supporting documentation – for example, film trailers, photo’s, online articles.


You will need to submit a budget for your project in Malaysia Ringgit MYR (Malaysian currency) that clearly demonstrates in detail how you will spend the funds.   Your budget should match the amount you are asking for, and clearly show the individual costs you would like Lush to fund.  If you are providing extra budget details (e.g. costs that are not being applied for), ensure that these are clearly separated and identified as not to be considered).

Avoid generalised costs, for example ‘admin costs’ or ‘campaigning costs’ – this needs to be broken down into the constituent costs that make up this total (e.g. RM300 for the printing of 5000 leaflets, RM50 postage of legal documents to service users).  If you are budgeting to purchase an asset (e.g. a heater, a tent, a bicycle) indicate how many you are buying, and what will happen to all assets once your project is complete.  If you are purchasing travel, indicate who is traveling, why and to where, and how (e.g. train, car etc.). 

You will not be able to send your budget as a separate document.  Instead you will need to type it in the relevant answer box on the application form.  Use a new line for each line in your budget.

Bank Account

Grants cannot be paid into personal bank accounts, for example, an account held in the name of an individual (Mr. B Smith). Grants can only be paid into an organisations’ bank account.  This is an audit requirement and demonstrates your commitment as a organisation/project. 

However, if there is an issue preventing you from obtaining a organisation bank account, in exceptional circumstances you may be able to nominate an affiliated organisation to receive transfers on your behalf as a fiscal sponsor – please email [email protected] to discuss options. 

You will need to take extra care inputting the details for your bank account, as errors can significantly delay your application, and can result in failed payments, or application rejection.


Each application must be submitted with the full details of two referees.   A referee must be independent of you/your group, but able to comment with experience and expertise on the activities, successes, and challenges your group faces.  Your referee cannot be a funder, employee, volunteer, founder, or trustee in your organisation.  Their email address should be an organisational one (e.g., and not a private email address (e.g.,  They also cannot be financially dependent on your organisation or know you only because of providing funding.  However, providing referees from organisations working in a similar field who have a good vision of your work, is a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate how connected your group is to the wider community. 

When can I apply?

Applications are accepted at any time, and there are no cut-offs. However, you should allow at least 3 months from application to when you need the funds.  Applications are assessed on a first-come-first-served basis, however, if your funding is exceptionally urgent please email [email protected] for advice.

How do I apply?

Once you have read these guidelines, if you’d like to apply, you can access our online application form  you can click here

What happens when I apply?

When you submit your application form it is processed and checked for any missing information or additional details. It is then submitted for panel review.  Our funding panel assesses applications on a rolling basis and a decision is usually made within 8-12 weeks. However, sometimes a funding decision may take longer.

You may be contacted at any time during the process, should additional details or clarifications be needed for a decision to be made.  The panel will assess and shortlist the applications to those that most closely meet the Charity Pot grant guidelines, prioritising grassroots campaigning.  If your application is shortlisted your referees will be contacted, and their feedback will contribute towards a final decision.

If your application is not successful, you will be emailed and informed.  Unfortunately, given the application volumes, it is not possible to offer feedback on rejected applications.  However, a rejection does not prevent you from re-applying (see below), as it may be funding was over-subscribed and other projects have been prioritised. 

If your application is shortlisted your references will be contacted, and their feedback will contribute towards a final decision.  

Please consider letting your referees know that the speed of their response directly impacts the time it takes to make a final decision.  However, if successful, you will be emailed a confirmation together with the value of your grant.  Payment is then usually made within 14 days. 

What is required if I am successful?

If successful, your organisation name, project description, and website link will be listed on our website, to provide transparency to Lush customers and staff.  We do not publicise the value of any grant.  If you are concerned about this, please contact [email protected] to discuss.

You will be required to provide feedback on your project, either when it is completed or within a year of receiving the funds (whichever is soonest).  You should be prepared to provide links to any supporting documents such as news articles, local press, social media videos or receipts for significant assets.  A link to the report format will be provided once your funding is agreed, or you can access it here.

Sometimes informal outreach visits are arranged so that the Charity Pot team can get to know your organisation and project better.  These will be arranged at your convenience but will involve a visit to the location of your project.  

Finally, if successful, we prefer any grants not to be publicly acknowledged or promoted.  As a result, we do not do logo placements and do not offer sponsorships or partnerships.  Any platforms you have access to should be utilised to talk about your project, rather than any funding we have provided.   If you have questions about using the Lush logo, please email  [email protected] 


Can I apply for more than one project?

Yes. However, as organisations can only be funded once per year, you will need to submit all the projects within the same application form, ensuring that each has a detailed budget, and the total is under RM15,000.  Funding panels may then decide to fund all or only some of the projects you’ve submitted.

Can I apply again if I have been unsuccessful?

Yes. Charity Pot grants are often over-subscribed, therefore if your application has been rejected, it may be indicative that other projects better fit the funding criteria. If you wish to reapply for the same project, you should consider demonstrating a sufficient change in your project to better fit the funding criteria. 

Can I apply for a second grant?

Yes. A organisation can be funded up to once per year (allowing a full 12 months between funding). Review of subsequent applications would also factor in the success of prior projects and feedback.  You must submit a full report from your prior grant before applying again.  This can be completed here.

Can I apply for partial funding?

Yes. You can apply for partial funding of up to RM15,000 where a project budget exceeds RM15,000.  You would need to evidence your plans to raise any remaining required funds, and if you are seeking significant additional funders, you might be asked to wait until these funds have been secured.  However, typically, smaller projects would be prioritised.

Who can I contact to ask a question?

You can contact the Charity Pot grants administration team at [email protected]

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Come Party With Us!

So we heard you like to party? Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just want an experience you’ll never forget, we have the party for you. Every party is fully customizable so you can get exactly what you want. Whether you’re looking for a fun-filled afternoon or need some R&R, we’ve got you covered. Parties range from one to one and a half hours and are available to booked any day of the week during shop opening hours.

Where Will My Party Take Place?

Lush Party is available at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya and AEON Tebrau City, Johor Bahru depending on your location.

What Age Is Suitable For A Lush Party?

We recommend a minimum age of 5 years old but Lush Parties are curated to fit your party invitees so please get in touch with your local store for recommendations.

How Many People Can I Bring To My Party?

The minimum number of guests is 5 people for both stores. However, you may get in touch with your local store to find out additional details.

How Do I Book?

To book your Lush party, have a chat with our staffs, or you can simply contact our Customer Care Team at:

So what are you waiting for? Let’s party!

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Protecting, Rewilding and Regenerating #WestTobaForest

West Toba Forest is the home to many wildlife species including Sumatran tigers, gibbons, sun bears and hornbills. Located in North Sumatra, Indonesia, this vibrant, buzzing with the sounds of wildlife makes up the more important rainforest in the planet. Lush is supporting Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS) to educate the world on just one of many problems happening around the globe especially in West Toba, that would otherwise go unnoticed by our ears, eyes and hearts.

Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS) requires critical funds to begin long-term forest recovery and protection. The funds raised for this campaign will be used to support the collaborations of West Toba residents, SOS and their frontline partners.

Their main goals are:

  • To secure a wildlife corridor between forests to reconnect orangutans and other endangered megafauna and protect their future.
  • To provide training techniques on plating thousand of trees, so to ensure the thriving of the trees.

Lush has launched an Orangutan Bath Bomb to help SOS not only to achieve their main goals in regenerating the West Toba Forest, but to also bring awareness to the community. This vegan Orangutan Bath Bomb, which will be made available to purchase online starting 18th June 2022 across all stores and online, contains regenerative Sumatran dark patchouli oil from Sumatra creating an enticing, grounding scent. Inside the bath bomb, there is a QR code made from banana paper where customers can download a soundscape recorded in the sounds of the rainforest, and be transported to a jungle, bussing with life. 

All the sales from the Orangutan Bath Bomb will fully be used to support conservation actions in West Toba. Together, we are supporting our frontliner partners and forest-edge communities in Sumatra to safeguard this exceptional ecosystem for the long term.

Get the Bath Bomb!

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Beach Clean-up Campaign – Batu Ferringhi, Penang

Batu Ferringhi, Penang, 2nd June 2022 – Prior to the success of Beach Clean-Up in Kuantan last March 2022, Lush Malaysia expanded its efforts and collaborated with Shangri-La Rasa Sayang and Shangri-La Golden Sands, Penang for another Beach Clean-Up Campaign over the coast of Batu Ferringhi, Pulau Pinang. This campaign aimed to help clean the coast and also bring people face-to-face with the reality of plastic pollution. We had over 75 volunteers and influencers (Koe Yeet, Esther Zhen, Jayce Tay, Fiza Saad and Phyllis, Buro Malaysia) who joined us hand in hand for this campaign. Among the volunteers that came down with us for this effort were students from MSU College, Penang. Without them, this campaign would not be successful and we sincerely thank everyone who came.

Throughout the campaign, a total of 965pcs of trash was collected, which sums up to a total of 47kg. Among the items that were collected were straws, plastic containers and bottles, water bottles and cigarette butts. These are the trash that were thrown by humans that came to visit the beach. It is not just the litter left on the beach that ends up in the ocean – it blows out of landfills, down drains and rivers and travels out to sea. Once it is in our oceans, it harms and kills sea creatures, who get caught in thrown plastic containers and bottles, or mistaken it for food, therefore destroying the marine lives.

We believe that taking care of the environment is everyone’s responsibility. We should all work together in reducing wastes on the beach. Each piece of trash that was collected by the beach is one less piece of litter that doesn’t wind up in the sea. Beach cleanups make a significant impact on the environment so it should start from us. Therefore, let us all be civilised and pick up our own trash.

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Riau Beach Clean-up Campaign

Riau Beach Port Dickson, 3 December 2018 – Lush Malaysia, Avillion Port Dickson and Green Ocean Movement recently collaborated for a Beach Clean-up Campaign to spread Awareness on Saving our Oceans from Plastic. 

Every year tons of garbage end up in the oceans due to indiscriminate disposal of waste. Sixty percent of this waste is plastic. Plastics are very hazardous to marine life, killing more than a million birds and over 100,000 seals, turtles, whales and fish in our oceans.

A total of 85 Media partners, 5 Social Media Influencers and Celebrities as well as volunteers joined the organizers to participate in the beach clean-up. Within 2 hours, we collected a total of 180kg and 8,000 pieces of trash comprising mostly plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic containers, cigarette butts and sweet wrappers. All of which are supposed to be thrown into recycle bins but instead, ended up in our oceans and beach. 

We strongly believe that the only thing that should be left on our beaches are our footprints. As the saying goes, “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”