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Coral Reef Restoration Project Updates

Coralku Malaysia, our grantor for Charity Pot, has been on Lang Tengah Island for the past weeks to give us an update on the current growth of the corals that our Lush Malaysia divers have planted onto the coral frames at the Karang Nibong Reef during the Coral Planting Campaign back in April 2022.

Here’s some pictures showing how well the corals that was planted has grown in the span of 6 months:

According to Sebastian Szereday, the founder of Coralku, the current survival rates of the corals are at 80%. Some of the species are showing good results, but unfortunately some are not surviving due to the species showing rather low heat tolerance, so they are unfit for future heatwaves and climate change. They have started their Super Coral Project during the dive in hopes to continue their search for Super Corals that might have survived.

What are Super Corals?

Super corals are those that have demonstrated the ability to tolerate or recover from stress and successfully reproduce after a stressor, such as climate change.

Why is the Super Coral Project important?

Climate change impacts on coral reefs are severe, widespread and dynamic. Coralku team are looking to understand the highly variable response of reef corals to climate change and are intending to find Malaysia’s super corals, in order to optimize coral restoration techniques to future environmental conditions.

The corals that were attached on Frame 96 are showing a good growing sign. The corals are generally in good condition and now firmly attached to the frames.

Want to adopt a coral with Coralku? Click here.
Check out what we did during our Coral Planting Campaign here!

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