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Lush champions the ‘power of touch’ with launch of 12 new massage bars for Valentine’s Day

Lush is ‘raising the bar’ on massage, with the launch of 12 new solid massage oil bars and a massage gift, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Using the ‘super power of touch’, massage can help reduce stress, aid relaxation, build connectivity and wellness. Invented with Lush Spa therapists, these solid bars remove the need for packaging and are all expertly formulated with ingredients that leave the planet, as well as the recipient, lusher than before!

Available in Lush stores across Malaysia, each one is packed full of deeply moisturising Fair Trade and organic cocoa butter harvested in Sierra Leone using an agroforestry model to prevent deforestation; Fair Trade shea butter from a network of over 50,000 women across various cooperatives in Northern Ghana; and the finest essential oils derived from flowers, trees, herbs, spices, shrubs, shoots and all sorts of greenery. 

Naturally self-preserving, the bars will melt into a massage oil at room temperature, so warm them in the palms or glide over the skin before massaging into muscles.

Nicola Camm, product co-inventor and sports masseuse for over 25 years, said: “The power of touch is one of the most important forms of connection. However, for many of us, the possibilities of touching and being touched were challenged by the pandemic. 

“Touch is vital for our mental health and wellbeing, and more than ever the lack of touch in our everyday lives has left us feeling disconnected not only with ourselves, but with each other.

“Touch is often associated with emotional closeness, so we associate the absence of it with emotional distance. Therefore, this Valentine’s Day we want to encourage and enhance connection through touch by using our specially curated products, whether that’s with yourself or others. All made with ethically-sourced ingredients and zero packaging – each product will help turn any moment into a wellness boosting experience.”

Discover Lush’s NEW Massage Bars

True Romance Massage BarRM65.00

As the name suggests, this bar is all about romance! Radiant rose and enticing jasmine fragrances from the Lush Spa combine with argan oil and rose clay, leaving you and your skin with a rosy glow!

Sax Bomb Massage BarRM65.00

Did you forget date night? Although not necessarily romantic, we have to admit that the gift of a good massage is definitely a way to get in the good books! This sensual massage medium is great for a playful massage time, or to fly solo if you love a floral scent!

Coconut Drench Massage BarRM65.00

If you’re looking for a great massage that also cares for your skin, look no further than this new bar on the scene. Coconut, babassu and carrot oils help the skin feel supple, soft and strong.

Purity and Clarity Massage BarRM65.00

Crisp, clean, green, fruity: this massage bar can refresh the mind, making way for clearer thoughts. For use when you need to clear the cobwebs and gain some perspective.

Grass Massage Bar – RM65.00

Indulge in a massage with the herbal hues of freshly cut grass and uplifting neroli oil. Bright bergamot beds down among earthy sandalwood in this forest-like fragrance.

Celebrate Massage Bar – RM65.00

Lift your spirits with this refreshing, feel good citrus scent. If orange and lime is your idea of a good time, look no further! Lush massage bars have been formulated with moisturising Fair Trade organic cocoa butter and organic shea butter, which are naturally rich in vitamin E. Using the finest quality essential oils for their beautiful scent, their skin-loving qualities, and the positive effects they can have on your body and mind.

Junk Massage Bar – RM65.00

One person’s junk is another’s treasure with this intriguing blackcurrant fragranced massage bar. Invigorating citrus notes of Sicilian lemon and green mandarin oils put pep in your step and sunshine in your soul, while grounding and cozy elements of rosemary and sage make you feel right at home.

Karma Massage Bar – RM65.00

Enjoy a meditative massage with this best-selling Karma fragranced massage bar. An iconic spicy and stirring blend of free-spirited Brazilian orange, cleansing fir and earthy patchouli oils. Peace and love!

Tranquil Massage Bar – RM65.00

Take a moment for yourself – inhale uplifting bergamot oil, exhale sweet violet leaf and rose absolute. A calming and restorative violet scented massage bar.

Power Of Touch Massage Bar – RM65.00

Orange flower absolute and bright bergamot entwine with mood boosting neroli, providing a floral and gently uplifting scent. Reconnect, and feel the Power of Touch with this massage bar.

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