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Lush scented candles to transform your home this Christmas

You can drop the dupes – there’s no substitute for the original!

  • 100% vegan and handmade in the UK using a natural wax base
  • All Lush candles are palm-free, GM-free and soy-free 
  • Hand poured into a 100% recyclable frosted glass jar
  • Candle dimensions: 70mm diameter x 45mm height (burn time: 12 – 15 hours)
  • Snow Fairy 4-wick candle dimensions: 125mm diameter x 70mm height (burn time: 35 – 40 hours)

There are over 1600 Google searches for “Lush candles” every month. For many years, Lush customers have been asking in Lush shops and online – why don’t Lush make candles? Following high demand, Lush now has a range of handmade candles including new limited edition candles for Christmas 2022. 

Inspired by their most popular fragrances and made with ethically sourced and high quality essential oils, Lush candles will transform the mood of your room to help you feel calm and relaxed. All Lush candles are handmade in the UK by a family run manufacturer specialising in candles and diffusers for some of the largest candle brands in the market. 

The natural wax base of all Lush candles is made up of rapeseed wax, certified organic coconut oil, coconut wax, and castor wax and remains palm, paraffin, soy-free, and 100% vegan. Each candle is carefully poured by hand into a 100% recyclable frosted glass jar. The candle wicks are made by a specialist using cotton only from sources carrying the Oeko-Tex 100 Standard seal.

“At Lush, we believe in long candlelit baths so we wanted to create the perfect candle to accompany your bath time. It was an exciting process to modify the Lush fragrance from perfume and bath bombs to candles”
– Gary Shears, Lush Product Inventor

Snow Fairy Scented Candle

Lush devotees celebrate its return every year and, with its iconic bubblegum and candyfloss pink scent, Snow Fairy is one of the brand’s best selling product ranges. Fill your immediate surroundings with Lush’s iconic sweet scent to lift your spirits and fill you with confidence. The Snow Fairy candle is also available as a 4-wick candle. 

Price: RM95
Approximate burn time: 12 – 15 hours
Dimensions: 70mm diameter x 45mm height

Shop Snow Fairy Candle

4-wick Candle Price: RM200
Approx. burn time: 35 – 40 hours
Dimensions: 125mm diameter x 70mm height

Shop Snow Fairy 4 Wick Candle

Lord Of Misrule Scented Candle

Perfect for scenting a small area, this vegan Lush candle is now available in the classic Lord of Misrule fragrance. Celebrate the change in seasons with familiar notes of mischievous black pepper, earthy patchouli and sweet vanilla. A classic Lush perfume and fan favourite, this year’s Lord of Misrule range is bigger than ever. 

Price: RM95
Approximate burn time: 12 – 15 hours
Dimensions: 70mm diameter x 45mm height

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