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Store Manager ( KLCC )

Store Manager (KLCC)

Subject: Store Manager (KLCC)

Job Type: Full-Time

Years of Experience: 2 years (Preferred)

Salary: RM3,500-RM5,000

Expected Start Date: Immediately

Location: KLCC


The role

As a LUSH Store Manager, you are responsible for driving sales, creating a culture of development and ensuring that your store is upholding our strong ethical beliefs and practices. You lead by example, provide outstanding customer service and spreading the love of LUSH products to staff and customers. Store Managers also ensure scheduling, stock handling and cost control are managed efficiently. This role is a blend of people, process and sales management.


Core Responsibilities

  • Motivating, growing and developing staff into a high-performance team.
  • Working with your Trainer and Supervisors to create a strong leadership team in-store.
  • Driving sales, achieving targets and financial goals.
  • Contributing to a positive culture where customers are prioritised.
  • Supporting staff with career development through targeted training, goal setting and regular appraisals.
  • Training all staff on customer service, company history, product knowledge, and company policy and procedures.
  • Planning and delivering schedules within set budgets.
  • Maintaining a high standard of store presentation.
  • Ensuring stock management procedures are adhered to.
  • Helping to create a fun and dynamic shop atmosphere.
  • Assisting with other tasks when needed – we work as a team!

Your Team

Communication is key to running a successful shop. Create and maintain the right systems in place to ensure all staff can effectively communicate with each other, both on and off the shop floor.

Lead from the front and demonstrate 5* Customer Experience yourself while on the shop floor. Be aware of your shop floor at all times through observing and listening to the consultations taking place. Ensure work is delegated throughout the management team in order to maximise your time spent on the shop floor.

Provide regular learning, feedback, coaching and reviews for your team to allow them to consistently deliver 5* customer experience. This includes working with them on their product knowledge, brand awareness, and customer interaction skills. How often development takes place is up to you and the management team – every day is a learning opportunity.

Encourage, respect and look after one another. Hold each other up so that your place of work is a supportive environment.


Your Business

Drive sales through understanding and analysing your business drivers, including average sale, conversion, Candy Shop Reports. Communicating business results with the team, and implementing new plans and ideas will be key to improved results.

Ensure your shop is well looked after. Keep the shop floor clean, tidy, & well merchandised and your stock fresh for our customers, and all back of house areas as clean, safe, and pleasant as you can for the team.

Complete and work towards your budget, using your Management Accounts each month to chart your progress. You should use your budget to ensure your staffing and operational costs are in line, and your retail margin is on budget as a % of sales.

Make sure all staff members follow appropriate cash handling and banking procedures, to ensure all money is kept safe.

Where company-wide procedures and policies exist, you should ensure you and your team work within these parameters. This includes working to deadlines when set by the wider business. Where they do not exist, consider any in-store policies you would like to establish and manage these yourself. Not everything needs a rule!


Your Leadership

Create and execute your own “top box” goals for the store and team, and ensure that all decisions you make ultimately contribute towards achieving these. You are responsible for constantly reviewing and assessing the progress towards these goals.

The team structure for your shop is your responsibility to get right. It’s up to you to effectively recruit and upskill all members of your team for the roles that you need. Which roles, what staff, and how many hours you use is down to you, as long as you’re in line with your staffing costs %.

Create future Shop Managers by ensuring your management team have the right skill set to be able to develop the team and manage the business. Use this Job description and your own management skills and knowledge as your guide. Be aware of development opportunities for them in the wider business, and where possible create opportunities for them if they don’t exist – ensure all staff have access to the latest Retail and Support Staff careers lists.

When necessary, it is your responsibility to performance manage any staff members who are not able to meet the expectations of their role.

All decisions you make should be inclusive of all members of your team.


Your Development

You are responsible for your own development. Regularly assess your own performance and where there are gaps in your knowledge or skill, work out the best way to move forward.

Being a Lush Manager means being part of a supportive network. Reach out to other Managers and shops to share your wisdom, gain fresh ideas or to seek advice. There is a wealth of experience in the community, and you have the opportunity to contribute your knowledge and ask for support.