This solid deodorant is packed full of gentle, natural ingredients to keep you feeling fresh. Utilise the power of absorbent sodium bicarbonate and witch hazel to stay dry, while antibacterial chamomile vinegar and cooling, fragrant patchouli keep you smelling sweet.

How to use:
Think of Aromaco as a roll on deodorant without the extra packaging. Simply rub under clean, dry armpits and you’re ready to go.

How to store:
Store in a Square Tin or on the side for multiple uses.


Witch Hazel Infusion, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Stearate, Chamomile Vinegar, Sodium Bicarbonate, Patchouli Oil, *Citral, *Limonene, Perfume

• Natural Ingredients
• Safe Synthetics

*occurs naturally in essential oils.


Solid Deodorant


Average customer ratings

4.89 -

9 reviews

  1. Trisha  - 

    My first bar of deodorant, heck, my first deodorant ever and I am loving it! I really like the scent – which makes it truly aromaco – and noticed that it lasts throughout the day. Great product!

  2. CDJ  - 

    I have tried this before and it’s super good.
    Definitely helps with odours and keeps me smelling fresh all day

  3. Kate Chow  - 

    Love this! Scent may take getting used to but this is worth every cent. Good value for money as I’ve been using this for 4 weeks yet the bar doesn’t seem to be smaller. No stains, no white marks, not sticky! Lasts all day for more than 12 hours!

  4. Nusaibah Kamaruzaman  - 

    First time using this, I loved it. The scent may smell weird for those who don’t like it. But, for sensitive skin and someone who hate to use liquid at the armpit, I recommend this. And I love how it actually do not stop the perspiration or sweating much but your sweat do not smell horrible and make you feel uncomfortable. So you feel fresh throughout the day!

  5. Shazwani Ahmad  - 

    Bought my first bar during your year end sale last year and i still have it till today. Super convenient, didnt stain my cloth and i stay dry all day, no kidding!! I once was out for an outdoor activity from early morning till almost midnight but im still good as new. Never changing my deodorant now!

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