“I have thick wavy hair and quick washes are simply impossible…. until I tried this Avocado bar…. it doesn’t lather as well as the other bars, but it certainly leaves my hair clean and shiny…. smells nice too. I’m very pleased. :)” – lealiston_7043353

“I’ve tried everything for my thick super curly ginger hair and nothing seems to work. This is the product!! My hair isn’t frizzy and it also helps with the dry skin on my scalp without the burning sensation high end shampoos do.” – nicoleginge96

“This product is a game changer! It smells sweet, but not sickly. I exercise quite a bit and this keeps my hair clean without drying it out. I wish more options of co-washes were made available.” – traion123

How to use:
Wet your co-wash and work into hands to create a hydrating lather, then apply to wet hair. Co-wash twice or more to thoroughly cleanse hair and scalp, then rinse thoroughly.

How to store:
Let me drain after use and store in a cool, dry place.

Avocado Co-Wash



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