Build a creation of their favourite products and wrap them up in this 50cm x 50xm reusable gift wrap for an ideal personalised Valentine’s Day gift!

Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, this Knot Wrap has been designed by Blue Room – Bluecoat’s inclusive arts project supporting learning disabled and neurodivergent artists. Blue Room artists explore contemporary art at the art centre in Liverpool, north-west England, with support to create and share their own work.

Of their design contribution for this year’s Valentine’s Day range, they said: “Building Together is one of a series of collaborative collages by Blue Room artists created using a playful approach. In a fun game of ‘pass the paper’, each artist added their own mark to the collage using print offcuts and scrap paper shapes, before passing the piece along to the next artist in the studio. The process was repeated until every shape had been placed and 12 abstract collages had been created by many hands.”.

Building Together

Valentine's Day


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