Drift away on a journey to a magical dreamland with the help of these Sleepy-scented products and soothing Lush spa music, which plays from this wind up musical tin. The fusion of calming lavender and sweet tonka aromas in these six bath. body, and shower products will leave you feeling blissfully tranquil.

Wind up the lid and whimsical harmonies inspired by the Lush Spa soundtrack ‘Woodlark’ will play as the snow globe turns, transporting you along a journey into calm. Reuse again and again as a beautiful bedtime essential that will help you find little moments of calm all year round.

What’s this ethical gift made of?
Tin: Our tins are made to be reused, shared, and collected. Whether it is used to keep your spare change, notes from loved ones, or any other item you have around the house, our tins are useful storage containers that last for years.

Sleepy body lotion 50g
Sleepy bath bomb (Exclusive to gift)
Twilight body spray 100ml
Sleepy Bear bath bomb
Sleepy shower gel 110g
Sleepy bubble bar