This tote bag is made by the ReWrap co-operative in Mysore, India, printed on Fairly Traded organic cotton and featuring the iconic Fighting Animal Testing logo of two boxing hares. By purchasing one of these bags, not only will you help to raise awareness for the fight against testing cosmetic products on animals – you’ll also be supporting the efforts of ReWrap, which empowers women in India by offering training and employment handcrafting sustainable textile products.

Fighting Animal Testing




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4.80 -

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  1. Hana  - 

    A durable bag that I can carry around everywhere! Worth the purchase 💖 💖 💖

  2. Rana  - 

    Stylish tote bag with good material. I can put almost everything here.

  3. JENNY  - 

    Annyeonghasaeyo.. This bag has very high quality material I can tell. I used it for almost 2 years now. Still look nice ! Got lots of space can put evrything inside.

  4. CDJ  - 

    If you are personally Against Animal Testing at

  5. Fini  - 

    I bring this to work everyday. What do I call this bag?? Doraemon’s pocket♥️♥️♥️ Yess! Literally I put everything Inside this very sturdyyy and strong nice tote bag, water bottle, makeup bag, another makeup pouch,lunch box, another foods, books, stationeries, The shape is solid. Really satisfied with the quality. I like it that it’s black, looked bold and confident.

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