Fresh Faced flat foundation brush is not only fantastic for flawless base application but is also quite the multitasking skincare saviour!

How to use:
Fresh Faced is the ultimate companion for cream and liquid base makeup as well for applying Lush’s iconic fresh face masks. The soft, densely packed brush hairs and tapered, flat shape of this brush ensure beautiful, even coverage for mess-free, luxurious application.

What’s inside counts
Our brushes are 100% cruelty free and made expertly and lovingly by hand. Our brush hair is 100% synthetic and vegan in order to comply with our cruelty free standards. Our brush handles are made from lightweight aluminium and sustainably sourced wood which is finished with a vegan laquer.

Comes in 100% recyclable paper wrap, so the customer is aware it is unused and clean upon purchase.

Fresh Faced Brush

Flat Facial Brush

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