The cozy print on this knot-wrap was designed by Stanley Galton at Intoart. Intoart is a pioneering visual arts organization championing its founding vision for people with learning disabilities to be visible, equal and established artists and designers. Stanley says “My knot-wrap design is about what you should do to make sure you have a very good night’s sleep … My favorite tip for people is having a bubble bath because the man looks so comfortable and I really like the bubbly beard I gave him.”

Made in India.


– Great for gifting packaging-free products

– Can be reused as a scarf or other accessory

– Eco-friendly alternative for gift wrap

– This knot-wrap is made from organic cotton

How to use:

Use as gorgeous, paper-free gift wrapping, or wear as a scarf, headband or accessory.

Getting Ready For Bed

Knot Wraps