Have the Lushest of Christmases with four of Santa’s favourite bath treats! The pair of cuddly little cuties, Butterbear and Penguin bath bombs, will wrap you up in skin-softening hugs, while colourful Magical Santa bath bomb’s brought his reusable peppermint Candy Cane bubble bar to the party.

Place an electronic tea light in the base of this tin to create a festive glow, and reuse year after year to spread some magical Christmas cheer. Electronic tea light not included.

What’s this ethical gift made of?
Tin: Our tins are made to be reused, shared, and collected. Whether it is used to keep your spare change, notes from loved ones, or any other item you have around the house, our tins are useful storage containers that last for years.

Magical Santa bath bomb
Candy Cane reusable bubble bar
Penguin bath bomb
Butterbear bath bomb

Have A Lush Christmas


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