Two soaps to soothe and uplift. Up someone’s washing game with a soap for any mood. Sweet or spicy, this gift contains a tenugui towel, perfect for handwashing or gift wrapping.

How to use:

– Soap: Lather up, wash and rinse off.

– Tenugui: Wash before use. Carry with you for handwashing or use to wrap other products.

Features of Tenugui

– Dries quickly and is always clean

– Thin and compact

There is no sewn edge allowing the tenugui to dry quickly without any place for bacteria to develop.

Tenugui is a similar size to a face towel, but more compact to carried anywhere without taking too much space in your bag. It is particularly suitable for outdoor activities, sports, and travelling.

After use it can be washed and hung to dry. It dries very quickly, so it is usually ready to pack and go within a day.

Endless possibilities

There are no rules on how to use tenugui, dry your hands, wrap with it, use as decoration for you home or hair, there are a whole host of options. It can also be cut into different sizes based on what you need.

Inside your gift…

Honey I Washed The Kids & Karma Soap Stack


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