Soap slice plus a handmade dish.

A gift of clean hands lathers complete with a unique place to store your soap.

How to use:

– Soap: Lather up, wash and rinse off.

– Soap dish: This unique soap dish is made from 83.3% recycled materials and is also 100% reclaimed clay from the production of Lush’s Christmas 2020 soap dish. Pop it on the side to keep your soap close at hand.

How to store:

Keep somewhere cool and dry until ready for gifting.

Inside your gift…

Outback Mate Soap and Dish Set

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4 reviews

  1. CDJ  - 

    I have read on how the soap dish is made. I love really love how the clay used to make this is ethically sourced. Really appreciate it.

  2. Julia  - 

    Cute and good gift to get

  3. Arick  - 

    Smells amazing! Every time i walk by my bathroom the scent is so refreshing! Worth to get it!

  4. Ifa  - 

    Perfect gift for father’s day. The soap dish is unique and Handmade

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