Blue Room artists describe the creation of this design: “After seeing bath bombs fizz and froth during a visit to our neighbors at the Liverpool flagship store, we were reminded of the colors and patterns of the Northern Lights. Back in the studio we created our own colorful skies using powdered inks. There are a lot of bird lovers in Blue Room so the early designs were inspired by all the birds in the song “The Twelve Days Of Christmas”. If you look closely you can spot turtle doves, French hens and swans-a-swimming, all partying with their diverse animal friends. Every year the Blue Room community gets together for a big festive party at the Bluecoat. Inspired by our memories of celebrating together; karaoke singing, dancing and a buffet were integral to our design.”

Made in China.


– Great for gifting packaging-free products

– Can be reused as a scarf or other accessory

– This knot-wrap is made from recycled plastic bottles

How to use:

Use as gorgeous, paper-free gift wrapping, or wear as a scarf, headband or accessory.

Party Animals

Knot Wraps