Create a your own gift for a loved one this Diwali by wrapping a selection of Lush products in this Rangoli-patterned Knot Wrap, made from 100% organic cotton. This reusable gift wrapping’s print was created by Shashikala, a designer who forms part of the re-wrap artisans collective, a social enterprise in India focussing on environmental and social change. re-wrap work directly with a local farming group who produce the cotton, and they’re able to ensure the farmers receive a fair wage.

Of their design, Shashikala says, “This is my home, where I always feel safe and happy to come every day. These opportunities give us a platform to showcase our talent and enjoy our passion. I drew the flower design as it has more colours in it… being a part of this company has made my life more colourful.”.

Size : 50 cm x 50 cm


Knot Wraps