With seventeen seasonal exclusive bath bombs and bubbles, packaged in a quintessentially Christmassy reusable box designed by Laura Tregellas from ARTHOUSE Unlimited, this is the definitive collection of Lush’s festive bathing products.

What’s this ethical gift made of?

Ribbon: 100% recycled polyester made from recycled drinks bottles. The bottles are collected, then prepared and melted through what looks like a showerhead to make yarn. This is spooled onto a cone and sent to the UK where it is woven into ribbon and then dyed.
Box: Constructed and finished by hand in the UK, and made from 100% recycled board. Reuse again, regift, or recycle with paper recycling.
Eco Pops: Your gift will be packed with these expanded starch biodegradable product protectors.

– Cinnamon Roll bubble bar
– Snow Fairy Roll bubble bar
– Partridge In A Pear tree bath bomb
– Golden Angel bubble bar
– Candy Cane reusable bubble bar
– Snow Fairy bath bomb
– Shoot for the Stars bath bomb
– Sleepy Bear bath bomb
– Snow Dragon bath bomb
– Moon Bath bath bomb
– Magical Santa bath bomb
– Sweet Pudding bath bomb
– Gift Horse bath bomb
– Butterbear bath bomb
– Snow Drift bath bomb
– Snowman Finger Puppet bath bomb
– Crystal Snow bath bomb

The Art of Christmas Bathing

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Sold Out - RM800