Taking inspiration from traditional Phulkari imagery, this 100% organic cotton Knot Wrap was created with support and collaboration with a working group of staff within Lush who all celebrate Diwali.

Made from 100% organic cotton, this Knot Wrap is made by the talented artisans of Re-Wrap, a social enterprise in India focussing on environmental and social change. Re-Wrap are working with a local farming group that produces 100% organic cotton. By working with the farmers directly Re-Wrap are able to ensure the farmers receive a fair wage giving them financial security and allowing them to plan for their future.

How to use:
– If you’re looking for a re-usable, eco-friendly, wrapping option this year, use this organic cotton knot-wrap as an alternative to wrapping paper for a tailor-made Diwali gift.

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Knot Wraps