Spring is on the way, and this Mother’s Day 35cm Lokta paper is a reusable alternative to traditional gift wrapping, and a perfect way to create your own seasonal gift! When They Bloom has been designed by Ing Lee, a Korean-Brazilian and HoH (hard-of-hearing) artist based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Ing likes to intuitively create vibrant colour juxtapositions and incorporate storytelling within the details. Of their design, Ing says: “Spring is remarkable for its vibrant colours, a period that stands for impermanence and being born anew – after the end of a long winter, the flowers come. Never the same flowers, but always spring.”

When They Bloom is large enough to contain a 100g Lush pot or bottle, or one standard-sized bath bomb. The wrap is made from regenerative Lokta plant bark in Nepal and is produced as part of a papermaking unit that creates employment for marginalised women in the area.

When They Bloom

Lokta Wrap


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