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Protecting, Rewilding and Regenerating #WestTobaForest

West Toba Forest is the home to many wildlife species including Sumatran tigers, gibbons, sun bears and hornbills. Located in North Sumatra, Indonesia, this vibrant, buzzing with the sounds of wildlife makes up the more important rainforest in the planet. Lush is supporting Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS) to educate the world on just one of many problems happening around the globe especially in West Toba, that would otherwise go unnoticed by our ears, eyes and hearts.

Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS) requires critical funds to begin long-term forest recovery and protection. The funds raised for this campaign will be used to support the collaborations of West Toba residents, SOS and their frontline partners.

Their main goals are:

  • To secure a wildlife corridor between forests to reconnect orangutans and other endangered megafauna and protect their future.
  • To provide training techniques on plating thousand of trees, so to ensure the thriving of the trees.

Lush has launched an Orangutan Bath Bomb to help SOS not only to achieve their main goals in regenerating the West Toba Forest, but to also bring awareness to the community. This vegan Orangutan Bath Bomb, which will be made available to purchase online starting 18th June 2022 across all stores and online, contains regenerative Sumatran dark patchouli oil from Sumatra creating an enticing, grounding scent. Inside the bath bomb, there is a QR code made from banana paper where customers can download a soundscape recorded in the sounds of the rainforest, and be transported to a jungle, bussing with life. 

All the sales from the Orangutan Bath Bomb will fully be used to support conservation actions in West Toba. Together, we are supporting our frontliner partners and forest-edge communities in Sumatra to safeguard this exceptional ecosystem for the long term.

Get the Bath Bomb!

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