Four bestselling shower and body care products to cleanse, revitalise and soften the skin.
Feel your best with this handmade gift. These bestsellers will help to soften, uplift and refresh you with their citrusy and sweet scents.

How to use:
Shower Gel: Wash all over and rinse for a Mediterranean scented shower.
Soap: Lather under running watch for toffee-honey suds before rinsing.
Body Lotion: Scoop out a generous handful and smooth all over for soft, nourished skin.
Shower Scrub: For a natural scrub apply to dry skin and rub all over. Or for a more gentle sea salt buff, use on damp skin. Rinse to feel soft and smooth.

What’s this ethical gift made of?
– Wrapped in handmade Banana paper
– Cotton feel ribbon
– Eco pops. Your gift will be packed with these biodegradable product protectors.

How to store:
Keep these fresh products in a cool dry area, away from moisture, heat and direct sunlight.

All The Best


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  1. Julia  - 

    Its really good those have sensitive skin to get this giftset bcs has dream cream lotion and honey soap bar 🙂

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