Wrap a few birthday treats for the Aries in your life with this Knot Wrap featuring a dreamlike landscape and their zodiac animal, the brave and assertive ram. The shiny fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles and beautifully ties up a few of their favorite Lush products. It can be reused as future gift wrapping, a scarf or wall decoration. The design was created by Shannon Lund, who says, “In the soul of an Aries burns a passion that lights their inner fire and propels them energetically through the journey of life.”

– Great for gifting packaging-free products
– Can be reused as a scarf or other accessory
– Part of our Zodiac collection
– This Knot Wrap is made from recycled plastic bottles

How to use:
Use as gorgeous, paper-free gift wrapping, or wear as a scarf, headband or accessory.


Knot Wrap


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