Pick your Pisces pal’s favorite Lush products and wrap them up in this reusable Knot Wrap for the perfect birthday gift. The zodiac design was created by Christopher Corr, an artist and illustrator known for his love of color, who says “I want to celebrate the diversity of the seas, all the colors and variety of life you will find there. I wanted to show its mysterious nature too so you will see merpeople riding fishes and making underwater music. I want to capture the joy you feel when seeing ocean life, the fishes, crabs, lobsters, corals and exotic shells, and a wealth of plant life.”

Made in China.

– Great for gifting packaging-free products
– Can be reused as a scarf or other accessory
– Part of our Zodiac collection
– This Knot Wrap is made from recycled plastic bottles

How to use:
Use as gorgeous, paper-free gift wrapping, or wear as a scarf, headband or accessory.


Knot Wrap


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