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All The Colors

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Gift one or two Lush treats in this multipurpose organic cotton wrap and your recipient can reuse it as a hand towel! Tenugui means hand towel in Japanese; it has no sewn edges, so when you reuse it as a face cloth or hand towel, it’ll dry quickly and easily. The colorful pattern was designed by Poppy Cole at Rocket Artists, a U.K. not-for-profit that provides space for learning-disabled people, those on the autism spectrum and people with complex support needs to make art, develop skills and contribute ideas to the arts and society. Poppy was thinking about how everyone is different and celebrating that by using “all the colors for all the people.”

Made in India.

– Great for gifting packaging-free products
– Can be reused as a hand towel
– Designed by Poppy Cole at Rocket Artists in the U.K.
– Made from 100% organic cotton by the artisans of re-wrap, a social enterprise in India focusing on environmental and social change

How to use:
Use to wrap a gift, or as a hand towel or face cloth.

How to store:
Re-use for future gifting. If using as a towel, hang to dry between uses.