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Ten products for bath, shower and body to help someone unwind and ease their mind and body.

This handmade gift is the ultimate in relaxation. Perfect for anyone feeling stressed, it includes many of our bestselling Sleepy-scented products.

How to use:
Bath Bombs: Run the bath and release into warm waters.
Bubble Bars: Crumble under warm running water for mounds of bubbles.
Shower Gel: Work over your body in the shower, lather up and rinse.
Body Lotion: Scoop out a generous handful and smooth all over for soft, nourished skin.
Soap: Lather up for a calming cleanse.
Massage Bar: Glide over your body to soften your skin and relax your senses.

What’s this ethical gift made of?
– Reusable box made from 100% recycled board.
– Printed Ribbon – Made from recycled plastic bottles.
– Eco pops. Your gift will be packed with these biodegradable product protectors.

Gift contains:
– Sleepy Body Lotion 50g
– Dream Cream Self-preserving Body Lotion 45g
– Twilight Bath Bomb
– Sleepy Shower Gel 110g
– Butterball Bath Bomb
– Therapy Massage Bar
– Sleepy Bubble Bar
– Sleepy Soap 100g
– The Mini Comforter Bubble Bar
– Deep Sleep Bath Bomb