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Bath Bomb
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"I cannot express enough how much I love this bath bomb! The smell is luscious, think dreamy lavender. The bath went a beautiful soft purple shade. The best part in my opinion is the glitter; tiny shimmering particles drift through the water and cling onto your skin, making you feel magical and beautiful. Absolutely will be buying again" - fionaerglover

"One of my go-to bath bombs. The colour is a beautiful glittery purple, like dusk. The scent isn't very harsh lavender but rather sweeter. It reminds me of lavender sweets I used to have as a child. Absolutely recommend." - Ame_2922

"The Twilight bathbomb is big, and it smells fantastic, just like all products in the Sleepy/Twilight scent range. I would say that this bathbomb doesn't have such amazing bath art as some of the other ones, mine seem to leave the water a murky purplish shade, but the scent is extremely relaxing, it seems to leave your skin feeling super soft and moisturised, and I know loads of people find this scent family really helps then with their sleep. This is great paired with a little bit of the Sleepy bubble bar for a relaxing bath cocktail!" - CW91

How to use:
Get ready for the most relaxing bath possible, full of sleepy tonka and lavender. Run a hot bath, warm up your slippers and open the book. Drop Twilight into the water and relax.

How to store:
Keep this lavender dream soother somewhere cool and dry. Best used fresh.

Did you know?
Over 25 years ago we invented the bath bomb. Our fizzing bicarb beauties provide an immersive aromatherapeutic bathtime like no other. All this and no packaging too...



Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Sodium Coco Sulfate, Lavender Oil, Benzoin Resinoid, Tonka Absolute, Ylang Ylang Oil, Titanium Dioxide, Water (Aqua), Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Synthetic Fluorphlogopite, Propylene Glycol, *Benzyl Benzoate, *Coumarin, *Linalool, Perfume, Colour 42090, Colour 14700, Colour 17200, Colour 45410:1

• Natural Ingredients
• Safe Synthetics

*occurs naturally in essential oils.