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LUSH Malaysia team and guests at Club Med Bintan
during the Beach Clean Up

15 May 2023 – LUSH Malaysia partnered with Club Med Bintan to host an exclusive wellness getaway in early May. This event brought together media professionals, celebrities, and influential content creators for a curated experience of fun-filled, educational, and holistic wellness. The guests that were invited were Ramona Zamzam, Zieyan Lim, Jasmine Suraya, Anna Jobling, Crystal Swung, Chuithing Lim, Carey Ng, Roen Cian,  Sherry Amin, Nikita Menon, Amira from GLAM Malaysia, Amelia Tan from L’Officiel, Syazil from L’Officiel Hommes, Kah Mun and Ka Wai from Places MY. The guests participated in engaging workshops, including the popular Bubble Bar & Bath Bomb Workshop and joined a meaningful beach clean-up initiative. The partnership aimed to promote wellness and sustainability, while showcasing LUSH’s commitment to Club Med Bintan’s Body & Soul program, running from 7 to 25 May 2023.

Left: Actresses Jasmine Suraya & Anna Jobling
Middle: Bubble Bar & Bathbomb coordinated by LUSH Team, Orion
Right: Content creators Chuthing Lim & Crystal Swung

Club Med Bintan’s annual Body & Soul program offers a holistic journey on the captivating Bintan Island, Indonesia. Anchored on three core pillars – Eat Well, Move Well, and Feel Well – the program combines fitness classes, wellness workshops, and mindful culinary indulgence for self-discovery, health, and healing. As part of the Feel Well Pillar, LUSH Malaysia hosted the Bubble Bar & Bath Bomb Workshop, where guests had the opportunity to create their own fresh, handmade bath bombs. Coordinated by the talented LUSH Malaysia Team, including Amanda, Orion, Hendra, and Patrick, the workshop provided a unique firsthand experience, allowing guests to witness and actively participate in the art of crafting the popular Butterball Bath Bomb using organic and clean ingredients. As a special memento, they took home their carefully crafted and personalized bath bombs.

Beach Clean Up at Club Med Bintan

Guests also actively participated in the Beach Clean-Up, organized by Club Med Bintan’s Happy-to-Care Gentils Organisateurs (G.Os), showcasing their commitment to preserving the island’s natural beauty. During the clean-up, a total of 124kg of trash including styrofoam, plastic chairs, water bottles, and cigarette butts were collected, further highlighting the environmental impact of their collective efforts.

Director of LUSH Malaysia, Harvinder Harchand

“We are thrilled to partner with Club Med Bintan for this exclusive getaway focused on wellness and rejuvenation. Our collaboration aims to showcase the power of self-care, sustainability, and transformative experiences. Through engaging workshops and meaningful initiatives, we hope to inspire guests to prioritize their well-being while also highlighting the beauty of Bintan Island. This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to creating a positive impact and setting new standards in the domain of transformative journeys.” – Harvinder Harchand, Director of LUSH Malaysia.

LUSH Malaysia Team with guests at Club Med Bintan during the Beach Clean Up

In an eco-conscious move to reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainability, the LUSH team and guests chose an eco-friendly mode of transportation. Opting for a bus and ferry instead of air travel, they minimized their impact on the environment during their journey from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Bintan Island, Indonesia. 

The LUSH and Club Med Bintan press trip exemplified the strength of collaboration between like-minded brands, setting a new standard for transformative journeys that prioritize wellness, sustainability, and captivating experiences.

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