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Tricks for you, treats for the planet

Take a peek inside the witch’s cauldron… a first look at Lush’s 2023 Halloween range!

Lush has revealed its 2023 Halloween collection, featuring bath bombs, bubble bars, glow-in-the-dark soaps, shower slimes and more!

Launching online on 8th September 2023 and in-stores starting 11th September 2023 with plenty of newness and some returning favourites, Halloween is always one of Lush’s biggest collections – and this year is no exception.

Bestselling, fan-favourites such as Bart Art bath bomb, Alien bubble bar and glow-in-the-dark Ghostie soap will be making a comeback this year, all handmade using ethically-sourced essential oils, and packaging-free.

Lush’s ethical buying policy means all its products use the finest essential oils and absolutes, the best natural raw materials, safe synthetics, either no packaging or 100% recycled and recyclable packaging, and no palm oil.

New for 2023 is a Lord of Misrule soap, Bonehead bubble bar and pumpkin spice-scented home fragrance Lush Melt, made using organic pumpkin seed oil. Lush’s Halloween mischief-maker Lord of Misrule will be returning this year in a new animation coming Monday 25 September, featuring a world-bending mishap in the lab…

alongside a new bath bomb, bubble bar and soap, as well as his much-loved shower gel, massage bar, candle and fragrances.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the collection, Erica Vega, Brand Product Expert at Lush, said: “”Halloween is pure shrieking delight, and we have no shortage of strange and unusual treats.

“Lush loves the characters of Halloween – screaming banshees, vampires, aliens and mummies are all invited to the monster mash! We have ways to tickle all the senses – dip into sparkling slime, let fruity scented octopus tentacles slither over your hands, or taste the nostalgic candy corn lip scrub.”

Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb

Let the festivities begin with this spicy herbal blend of patchouli and black pepper oil and create your own bath art!

Lord of Misrule Perfume
RM140 for 30ml

We’ve got mischief managed with this herbal blend of patchouli oil, black pepper and vanilla. Organic denatured alcohol (ethanol) is more than just a carrier for this beloved fragrance, it’s also one that helps you rewild your routine as the regenerative sugarcane farming practices used by our suppliers in Brazil protects a wildlife corridor for 335 species who live & visit the forest.

Lord of Misrule Massage Bar
RM65 – Only available in stores

All that mischief and mayhem got your muscles aching?

Use this sweet, herbal massage bar as a solid massage oil to soothe and comfort. A grounding blend of regenerative dark Sumatran patchouli oil, black pepper and vanilla absolute.

Lush massage bars have been formulated with moisturising Fair Trade organic cocoa butter and organic shea butter, which are naturally rich in vitamin E. Using the finest quality essential oils for their beautiful scent, their skin-loving qualities, and the positive effects they can have on body and mind.

Lord of Misrule Shower Gel
From RM60

Warming black peppercorn infusion, skin-softening wheatgerm oil and beneficial carrageenan extract make this shower gel far from devilish.

Ghost in the Dark Soap

A super fun handmade soap with a cheery bright scent that also glows in the dark!

Packed with zingy and zesty citrus – this soap shares its fragrance with Avobath bath bomb.

Demon in the Dark Soap

The demons have returned! This retro soap from 2006 (which has a bit of a cult following) is back, but this time round it contains a glow in the dark ghost! A devilishly fruity yet minty soap; packed with two different kinds of mint.

Pumpkin Spice Lush Melt
RM49 – Only available in stores

Lush Melts can either fragrance the home or be used as a bath melt. To fill your world with perfume, break off one or two squares and add to your oil burner. Approximate burn time is 6 hours per square.

To use as a bath melt, just add one or two squares into a nice warm bath. Sit back and let the moringa oil soothe and calm.

Face and lip skincare

Wednesday’s Child is Full of Woe Lip Scrub

This one is sure to be popular with fans of the 19th Century children’s nursery rhyme that inspired the name, as well as fans of any other iconic Wednesdays that might come to mind…

Caster sugar, Fair Trade shea butter and sweet wild orange oil combine to gently exfoliate and soften lips which have eaten a bit too much candy!

Candy Corn Lip Scrub

A delightful blend of orange oil, benzoin resin, fir balsam, sesame absolute and rose oil give nostalgic notes of sweet candy that will transport you to memories of Halloween fun. 

Mr Pumpkin Face Fresh Face Mask
RM77 – Only available in stores

Pumpkin puree, pumpkin seeds and organic pumpkin seed butter are blended to create this rich and soothing mask, perfect for a fresh face glow.

Pumpkin Sheet Mask
RM45 – Only available in stores

Typically most sheet masks come with lots of unrecyclable aluminium foil packaging containing preservatives. This mask comes with compostable packaging and is self preserving!

With its new durable design, this pumpkin sheet mask now has a 3 month shelf life, allowing customers seven days to use once opened – a reusable product!

Pumpkin Eye Pads
RM40 – Only available in stores

These cooling eye pads are made from 100 per cent natural ingredients, including pumpkin puree and activated charcoal!


Bat Art Bath Bomb

Vegan and preservative-free, Bat Art is a glittering descent into dark waters, with rosemary and sage to cleanse your aura.

Ghostie Bath Bomb

Vegan and preservative-free, Ghostie fizzes away into a rainbow spectrum of citrusy fragranced water with eerie cracking sounds. Filled with popping candy, Sicilian Lemon Oil and Lemongrass Oil.

Lord of Misrule Bubble Bar

You’ve tried the bath bomb, now try the bubble bar! Or if you’re feeling extra lavish, use the two together, light a Lord of Misrule candle and put the do not disturb sign on the bathroom door…

A key ingredient across the entire Lord of Misrule collection is dark Sumatran patchouli oil. Every product purchased containing this ingredient helps protect primary rainforests in Indonesia and their resident orangutan populations.

UFO Bath Bomb

Spin the top, sprinkle the crystals in the bathtub and land this spaceship in safe waters! Sicilian lemon oil, sea salt and blackcurrant absolute blend together to lift your mood. Lush’s sea salt is sourced from salt pans in Croatia where the supplier promotes sustainable harvesting practices to protect migratory birds.

Screaming Banshee Bath Bomb

Apple powder and fine sea salt perfectly capture the despair of the Banshee’s tears, while uplifting bergamot and grapefruit oil will banish your troubles with a citrus blast.

What are those pops and snaps? Is it popping candy? No! It’s the Screaming Banshee! (Okay, fine, it’s popping candy).

Jason’s Mummy Bath Bomb

Charge this bath bomb in the light, that’s right, charge! Now, turn off the lights to see the glowing stare of the mummy! Pop in the bath to scare away all the stresses of the day with this glowing, citrus delight.

Screamo Bath Bomb

The inspiration came from The Scream by Edvard Munch and named after the Screamo genre of music – if you were in the mosh pit around 2005, you’ll know!

If stunning bath art is your bag, then enjoy this explosion of stunning blues and swirling lustre make this bomb more beautiful than beastly.

Magic Potion Bath Bomb

A mystical storm of crisp bergamot and sensual jasmine creates a romantic perfect blend for magic in the bath! Soothe your skin with gentle nettle powder. This ingredient reduces redness and leaves you feeling fabulous ahead of a wickedly witchy evening.

Alien Bubble Bar

A fluorescent bath is always great fun for the kids (or us big kids!). This one smells refreshing, citrussy, fruity and green at the same time thanks to bergamot and litsea cubeba.

Bubble Lugosi Bubble Bar

Charge this berry eerie character in daylight for some glow in the dark fun. Horror movie buff rejoice! Inspired by Bela Lugosi, the actor best known for portraying Count Dracula in the film Dracula (1931). This one shares its fragrance with uplifting, fruity classic Blackberry bath bomb!

Pumpkin Crumble Bubbleroon

We all love pumpkins at halloween! Lush uses real pumpkin puree in the softening centre of this crumbly bubbly pal to make it feel extra festive!

Fruity oils make this one super uplifting, helping you feel comforted and cheerful even in the shadows. Bubbleroons are extra softening, perfect if you’re after a seasonal, gentle treat to bathe in.

Bonehead Bubble bar

Clean, minty bubbles leave you feeling refreshed, whilst the pale blue surprise inside helps you to chill out and relax in the tub!

Witch’s Cauldron Fun

Perfect for playing with in the bath; craft yourself a cauldron to make magic spells with! Fill up with water to watch it fizz and bubble over the cauldron.


Monster Octopus Shower Jelly

Wibble and wobble this passion fruit-scented shower jelly over your body for a fun, skin-softening wash!

Sparkly Pumpkin Shower Slime
From RM65

A gooey, glittery, slimey and squidgy shower wash to leave you feeling gourd!

Enjoy this fruity concoction of fresh juices and delicious oils, reminiscent of a refreshing cocktail.

Toil and Trouble Body Scrub

You’re bound to be bewitched with this naturally exfoliating Halloween shower scrub. Buff the refreshingly herbal blend of peppermint and lavender brew with a helping of salt over your body, then lather up with the jelly bats to scare away your worries.

Gift sets

They Only Come Out At Night Gift

Four ghostly bathtime goodies wrapped up in a bat-winged bag, perfect for collecting treats or accessorising a halloween costume. The collectable drawstring bag is made from 100% organic cotton by the talented artisans of Re-Wrap, a social enterprise in India focussing on environmental and social change.

Contains: Ghostie bath bomb, Bat Art bath bomb, Sparkly Pumpkin shower slime, Alien bubble bar, They Only Come Out At Night drawstring bag

Bewitched Gift

This gift takes inspiration from the Magical Potion bath bomb – including the gold foiling elements to highlight the sparkle in the product.

The paper is 100% recycled and the neon orange ribbon 100% recycled polyester, made from recycled plastic bottles.

Monster Party Gift

It’s the ultimate monster party… and you’re invited! Four fiendishly fun treats will get the bathtime rave going. Plus find two exclusive sheets of stickers inside. The sliding reveal box is made from 100% recycled materials in the UK. Gift it forward, reuse or recycle for a Lush environment!

Little Lord of Misrule Gift

Packaged in 100% recycled paper which captures the mischievous and playful elements of the Lord of Misrule through its optical illusion style design. The black grosgrain ribbon is also 100% recycled, how will you reuse yours?

Weird Science Tin

Inspired by all things weird science and a look into a scientist’s experimental laboratory! Designer Rachel Norden said, “The front of the design is inspired by what I imagine Frankenstein’s house/laboratory looks like. Broken windows, monsters, ghosts, cobwebs, pumpkins, bats and warning signs. The back of the design is a cross section looking inside of the laboratory. With a little nod to the 1985 Weird Science film, Kelly LeBrock’s character Lisa!”

This tin fits 6-7 products inside, including bath bombs, making it perfect for gifting!

Halloween Knot Wraps

Made from either 100% recycled plastic bottles, 100% organic cotton or vintage scarves, knot wraps are revolutionary – providing alternative methods to single-use gift wrap.

Halloween Buds Knot Wrap: RM45 (50cm x 50cm) – Made from rom 100% recycled plastic bottles, this design was inspired by the character products from the 2023 range.

The Haunted Forest Knot Wrap: RM45 (50cm x 50cm) – Made from rom 100% recycled plastic bottles, this design was inspired to look like a haunted forest that has come to life – bright and colourful but also dark and gloomy.

Creepy Crawlies Knot Wrap: RM45 (70cm x 70cm) – Made from 100% organic cotton, with gold ink detail.

Trick or Treat? Knot Wrap: RM45 (70cm x 70cm) – Made from rom 100% organic cotton, this is Lush’s first ever glow-in-the-dark knot wrap! ‘Charge’ the fabric in the sunlight during the day and then see the eyes glow when the lights go out!

Hairy Monster Feet Knot Wrap: RM45 (70cm x 70cm) – Made from rom 100% organic cotton, this design was inspired by 90s cartoons, troll dolls and nostalgic monster toys.

Black Cat in the Moonlight Knot Wrap: RM45 (70cm x 70cm) – Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, this design was inspired by traditional Halloween imagery and a moonlit witch’s garden.

The Gathering Knot Wrap: RM80 (100cm x 100cm) – Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, the designer of this giant knot wrap weaved arcane and folkloric forms into intricate compositions that at once nod to the distant past and embrace a vibrant vision of the future.

Halloween Badge Set

These badges are made in the UK from recycled yoghurt pots! Their designer said: “I love the day-glow novelty factor of Halloween. I kept this in mind when I drew up some of my Halloween favourites.

“Gleaming glow in the dark moons, fluorescent mischief making pumpkins, hubble bubble witches hats and extraterrestrial aliens making sure this Halloween is a blast.”


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